Friday, February 13, 2009

Preventing a Digital Divide (Alison blogging)

presentation by Diana Wakimoto, Online Literacy/Public Services Librarian at CSU East Bay

The podcast, official notes, more links, etc. will be available on Diana's blog:

Accessible Design does not have to be boring!

Section 508 - ADA: all government websites must be accessible

Measuring accessibility
  • FAE rule set - from UIUC - functional accessibility evaluator
  • beta rule set from above
  • html validation
  • navigation - try it without a mouse
clean up your code - screen readers need it

Firefox Accessibility Toolbar
for validating page for accessibility (html, styles), generating reports, test navigation, etc.

Google fails in 4 points of accessibility according to FAE rule set! Validator tells what needs fixing.

Vischeck - colorblind simulations

Word works better with JAWS (screenreaders) than some .pdfs

Webanywhere - from UW: web-based screen reader - free!

- for captioning videos: pulls in YouTube videos! Not as robust as other tutorial software - ie, can't change fonts, but you have captions

All of the above are good for retrofitting existing resources... here are tips for creating new accessible resources.

Adobe Captivate - fee-based video creating software. Adobe does a good job with accessibility.

- audio and text over an online presentation (upload PowerPoint) - not completely 508 compliant yet but getting there. Others can comment on your voice thread! Cool!

- 508 compliant blog platform, robust enough to function as a website (ie CSU library). Diana uses it as courseware.

AxsJAX from Google labs - for accessible javascript

- 508 compliant

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